Tooling Boards For Sale

When researching tooling boards for sale, it’s important to understand the different properties each has to help you make an informed decision.

When looking for ‘Tooling board for sale’ it can also be referred to as model boards by suppliers. They are the material choice for many industries and are most often used to make prototype models and designs across industries such as the aerospace, motorsport, and industrial industry.

The two main types of tooling boards are names epoxy and polyurethane which each have different properties and uses. They are used in many products in everyday life, and even on film sets as props!

The Different Types of Tooling Boards For Sale

Polyurethane tooling boards are sold at a lower cost than epoxy due to them not being able to be heated to as high of a temperature to shape. This makes them the ideal choice for prototype model work as they are very lightweight and versatile, often seen on film sets to set up as props.

Epoxy Tooling Boards withstand high-temperature applications (up to 230 degrees), so are used when the material needs to be put under intense stress to be shaped. It has high dimensional stability and therefore works well when highly accurate and complex moulds are required.

So if you are considering tooling boards for sale, make sure to carefully consider the options available to you before selecting the best fit for your requirements.

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