In this article, we provide you with all the relevant information and answers to your frequently asked questions regarding workwear.

What is the difference between workwear and PPE?

The main difference between workwear and PPE is that workwear offers the individual a standard level of protection but this is not covered under Health and Safety EN regulations. However, PPE is covered by these regulations. Usually, products which are covered by these regulations are products which are made out of specially designed reflective material.

What workwear items make up a workwear uniform?

Workwear clothing is from head to feet. Starting from the feet, many companies require their employees to wear some form of protective footwear. However, this depends on the industry you work in such as on a building site you would wear steel toe cap boots. Also, you would be required to wear some kind of trousers or even a skirt with a t-shirt or shirt to accompany the upper body. Yet again, depending on the environment you would be required to wear personal protection equipment such as safety goggles, hard hats or even gloves.

What are the protective qualities of workwear?

Workwear has many protective qualities including durability from the high-quality materials. You will find this also will help with longevity ensuring the product with last. Other qualities come down to the thickness of the products usually and their resistance to wear and tear. Also, some protective qualities including flame resistance, chemical resistance and high visibility can be found on some items of workwear. However, these items of workwear will be classed as PPE. This is because they will be rated under Health and Safety EN ratings.